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About Us - 16 Dust

16 Dust is less of a company and more of a passion project operated and managed by myself, Andreea. I strongly believe in this little start-up venture of mine and want to see it through to completion. As far as the company goes, this company is a reflection of my beliefs, how something as small as handmade healing crystal jewellery can have such a big impact on our lives. The company specializes in sourcing and producing handmade semi-precious jewellery straight from Bali, ensuring that all the raw materials that are used in the creation of the jewellery come from Bali and are of the highest quality.

The company is purely focused on providing jewellery made with semi-precious crystals that are known to have healing powers. I believe that this type of jewellery can help a lot of people purely in a spiritual way. Just feeling the hidden power of the jewellery and having a belief in something greater than ourselves is what drives me to provide this type of product to as many people as I can.

The company is not focused on competing with brands that can provide cheap jewellery in bulk, rather I believe in the product that I am offering. With each product I pour my heart and soul into it, making sure that it is the best that I can do. It may not be perfect but that is where the beauty of my products lie. You know it has carefully been made by hand because you’ll find differences in each of the products that you see. With each of the differences, you’ll see that no two products are exactly the same which where the soul of the company lies. Every piece of jewellery is different and stands out from the rest because of the little differences that they have. Those little differences are a reflection of ourselves. People often say that it is your mistakes that make you who you are and that is something that I have tried to include into my jewellery so that we may never forget what being human is all about. 

Brand Story:

The origin of 16 Dust is actually quite interesting and surprising as well. Let’s first talk about the name. 16 Dust is a reflection of who I am as a person and what I believe in. The name 16 Dust can be divided into two parts. 16 stands for the date of my birth because I wanted to name the company something that was linked to me in a way, something that would ensure that no matter how much success or failure it would get, it would still be a part of me. 16 is also an angel number that signifies your thoughts are reflected back onto your life. If you have positive thoughts and beliefs then you will be able to live your life with positivity. It is a core value of what I believe in and why I want to spread these products to as many people as I can.

The Dust part is also symbolic as it does not signify the end, rather it signifies new beginnings. Dust is a substance that always spreads no matter what, that is what the dust signifies in the name. That you have the power to be the person you want to be, no matter what happens in your life, you have the power within you to be the who you are, truly.

The logo is also special to me because it represents the two sides that people have. The wings represents the freedom that all people have, the freedom to choose, the freedom to be whoever they want to be and the sword represents the part of humans that want to fight. This duality is of man is what the logo represents and is a huge part of the company’s persona, as well as big part of my own beliefs.

As for why this little venture even came to be, it is a deeply personal story that I do not mind sharing. I was visiting Bali for the first time and was quite excited by the mix of culture, beliefs, and ideas that can be found there. While I was there I happened to take a silver class that was all about making jewellery. I found that it was something that I quite enjoyed doing and found peace in the simple task of putting jewellery together. I delved deeper into it and learned through the locals about the crystals from Bali and the power that they have. That is how I came upon the idea of providing handmade jewellery fitted with those same semi-precious crystals in order to provide peace to as many others as I could.

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